Photography is not only my profession, but also my hobby !!!

My name is Armando Babani, freelance photographer born in Tirana Albania and based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

I was given a camera at the age of 8 years old and since then I have always had one in my hand. The first photo published was at the Children National Song Festival in Shkoder, Albania, at the age of 10. Thanks to my father that by that time was working at the Pioniees Palace, I had the chance to meet the lecturer of photography, Agim Verzivolli. He took the time and patience to explain and teach me more about photography. He taught me to go through with rolls, mix the solutions, developing and printing photos in paper in a dark room, while also shooting pictures too.

I can only say that it was the beginning of what would become later my profession but also my biggest hobby.

My first assignment as a press photographer was in February 20, 1991. I was driving home when In Tirana, thousands of citizens rose up in a mass protest and toppled the statue of communist dictator Enver Hoxha. I was fortunate enough to photograph that moment and took the firsts photos, as the fall of Hoxha’s statue, was a moment of immense symbolic importance and heralded the start of a new era for Albania.

Things went very well, with lots of the pictures published in newspapers, so from that moment on I became a regular freelance photographer working for the agency AP (Associated Press) & GAMMA Agency, Paris, France. (1991-1994)

From 1994 until 2020 I start working with epa (European Pressphoto Agency). During all these 26 long years of photojournalism I shoot a series of worthy assignments depicting the experiences from Albanian Civil war 1997, the warzone Serbian Kosovo Armed Conflict (1999-2001), Refugee Crisis in Greek Macedonian Border (2015).

Sports Coverage Worldwide such as

2010 – Basketball World Championship Turkey

2010 – Formula One Valencia

2011 – Basketball European Championship Lithuania

2012 – European EURO 2012 Soccer Championship Poland

2013 – U-21 Soccer World Championship Turkey
2014 – Basketball European Championship Slovenia

2014 – Winter Olympic Games SOCHI

2014 – Soccer Europa League FINAL Turin

2014 – Soccer World Cup Brazil

2015 – Handball World Championship Qatar

2015 – Ice Hockey World Championship Czech Republic

2016 – UEFA European Football Championship in France

2016 – Summer Olympic Games Brazil

2017- FIFA Confederations Cup Russia

2018- UEFA Champions League final Kiev

2018- FIFA World Cup in Russia

2017-2020 Bundesliga Matches in Germany

2018 – World Cup Biathlon and World Cup Luge in Oberhof, Germany

2019 – World Cup Biathlon and World Cup Luge in Oberhof, Germany

2020 – World Cup Biathlon and World Cup Luge in Oberhof, Germany

I have to add that during all these 30 years of experience, hard work and dedication covering events I was fortunate enough to cross so many cultures and reach so many people worldwide through my lens. My Photos not only record life events, but also capture unique moments.

I enjoy working with people who love photography and I am pleased to offer a professional, innovative service in sports , events, news, politics, fashion photography, etc.

Please feel free to contact me directly and I will be more than happy to fulfill all your professional needs.